Designated Catastrophe Areas Acadian works in the Southern Harris and many of the other counties along the Texas Coast which have specific building codes and inspection requirements for roofing and balcony waterpoofing. There are specific decking thickness requirements and fastener requirements. In these areas, we use a 316 stainless steel which has a lower carbon content and a higher corrosion resistance rating compared to 304 stainless steel.

Balconies experience a high rate of leaks, visible damage, and concealed structural damage from their continue exposure to the elements. The biggest problem is that it can take years before de structural distress becomes visible, making any repair or waterproofing unsuitable, requiring the replacement of the entire balcony because of severe rot. Balconies are vulnerable as many other exterior building to decay because of rainfall, however, because of their unique construction they have specific details that needs to be supervise and maintain -topping slabs edges, column penetrations, door sills and handrail connections.

Balconies and walkways are exposed to the elements and require adequate waterproof protection to ensure they remain in good condition and suitable for use by the building's occupants. Waterproofing the structure is the first step to avoid leaking. Even the small crack or imperfection can generate a big problem, sloping the structure to promote drainage is the first step to avoid any surprise. This slope needs to fulfill any code and standards but at the same be as minimum as possible to avoid any furniture to tilt.

After the wood framing is constructed, the waterproofing installation begins with flashing the door openings. One of the most common locations to found wood rot was directly below doors. The next construction step is to install flashing at the balcony perimeter, and the perimeter of any columns framing into the balcony.

Acadian can either utilize a multiple layer cold modified bitumen process utilizing either stainless steel or paint grip flashing and drip edge, stainless steel nails and hand soldered joints or the multi step Westcoat cement coating over stainless steel lading and ice and water shield.

Both systems are left ready to install tile.