Houston Re-Roofing Contractor

Roof Replacement Contractor

If your old roof is too worn down to simply repair, Acadian Roofing can help you replace it with a modern system. We value your desires and work to provide you with the latest styles to complement the look of your home’s exterior. We can also dispose of your old roof shingles, cleaning up after the roof replacement project so you are not left with a mess. We can recommend different types of roofing materials and accents, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

Ventilation and Solar Technology

The expert roofers and technicians at Acadian Roofing are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of roofing technology. We educate and train our technicians on the latest styles, methods, and energy-efficient systems so that we can offer you the highest value while doing our part to protect the environment. We take great care in making sure your new roof is up to standard and supports an efficient ventilating system. We also offer solar technology. Contact us today if you are interested in this money-saving system.

Signs of Wear

If your roof is starting to show common signs of wear and tear, give us a call. Look for cracking, peeling, blistering, shininess, buckling, or smoothness. All of these signs indicate that your roof is wearing down under the constant strain of protecting your home from the elements. Our qualified technicians will inspect the roof for weak areas and help you find the best solutions. We can recommend repairs or replacements based on your needs.


Re-roofing your house is a loud and nasty job, but it can be done quick, efficiently, and is a great time to review energy saving options.

It is a labor intensive process to remove the old shingles, but at Acadian we believe in putting a large crew on the project to get the job done quickly. Special care is taken to project your homes landscaping, lawn furniture, pool, and other backyard decorations. Typically, several sheets of plywood and tarps are used to help keep debris out of the flowerbeds so it can be placed into a dump trailer and disposed of at a landfill. For an additional cost, Acadian can also separate the asphalt material so it can be recycled for you.

Once the old shingles are removed, the roof decking is inspected for soft or rotten spots, replaced as required, and cleaned of dust and old nails. New organic 15 or 30 pound felt paper is installed or one of the newer synthetic underpayments that control moisture and allow your home to breath.

New drip edge, flashing, and valley protection are installed.

Next, starter shingles at the eaves and rakes are installed to increase your wind rating.

Next field shingles are installed according to the manufacture specifications with either 4 or 6 nails per shingle to achieve the highest wind rating.

Always use galvanized roofing nails.

Ventilation in the form of continuous ridge vent, air hawks, or whirly birds are installed.

Hip and Ridge shingles are installed on the hips and ridge. Several varieties are available to choose form depending on your budget and the look you are trying to achieve.

Caulk exposed nail heads, etc.

Paint all the roof penetrations including the lead roof jacks, hot water heater and furnace jacks.

Flat Roofs

Several choices are available for home owners

TPO which is on most of the new commercial buildings in the US.

Manufactures Johns Manville, Versico, Mule Hide, and Weatherbond

Mechanically attached and Fully adhered systems

Modified Bitumen systems- Commonly referred to as either Self Adhering or Torch down.

Metal Roofs

Acadian utilizes several high quality metal manufactures, colors, and a variety of panel profiles to achieve the desired appearance clients are looking for in a standing seam metal roof system.