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What will happen if my roof still leaks after a repair?

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A roof leak is never welcome, no matter what time of the day or night. Let's face it, there is never a "good" time for a leaky roof. It can be especially troublesome if the leak occurs after you have recently spent money on roof repairs. The main thing is to stay calm and contact us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, old leaks are sometimes difficult to diagnose, and it can take several visits to pinpoint the exact cause and location of the leak. Give us a call and describe the problem. Rest assured we will make every effort to resolve the issue.

Sometimes rain water is blown in through the turbine vanes and then down the rafters until it looks like it is a roof problem, or it can be an issue with the flashing. A leak can also be plumbing or AC related, or simply a result of condensation. If necessary, we will engage other contractors such as stucco, siding, or brick masons to diagnose and effect any required repairs. The important thing is that we stand by our work and a firm commitment to our client's satisfaction. Every job is important to us, and we pride ourselves on doing exemplary work.

If my roof leaks, do I have to replace it completely?

The short answer is no. It may seem like your whole roof needs to be replaced, especially when you are mopping the floor and putting out buckets during a downpour. More often than not, repairs or patching will be all you need. In the greater Houston area, the most common causes of leaks are satellite dishes, plumbing vents, and flashing problems. The shingles are usually not the problem. Typical leaks can be easily patched or repaired and, fortunately, don't require a complete re-roof. However, roofs do age, and the weather has an impact, so a reputable roofing company will be able to tell you if a repair will do or if you need something more significant.

That is where we come in. As soon as you notice a leak, contact us for a free estimate and we can schedule an appointment to meet with you and discuss your roofing issue. We will provide a detailed estimate of the exact problems, as well as the cost of roof repairs at no charge. A leak is certainly a cause for concern. Quality repairs and regular maintenance by professionals will extend the life of your roof. So when the weather clears, give us a call, and we will take care of the problem, and then you can relax, come rain or shine.

How can a homeowner recognize when a roof system has problems?

There are a number of ways that an owner can spot roof problems. Knowing the age of the roof, and whether or not any maintenance has been performed can be very informative. If your roof exceeds 20 years old or it was installed over an old roof, you may need a new roof. The best way to recognize a problem is with a visual inspection.


Missing shingles, lifted shingles, curled, cracked or buckling shingles can all be a sign that a problem exists. Weather and age can be a factor, but it could be an overall defective system.


Flashing is a critical aspect of roof systems. If flashing is old or of sub-quality material, it could be a problem and may need to be replaced with a long-term, high-quality flashing.

Inspect the attic

Check the roof in your attic. If you see any daylight, then there is a problem that needs to be repaired.

Sagging Deck

If you see any area of the roof where the decking is sagging, repairs or replacement is indicated.

Water damage

Look for water damage to walls and paint or moisture collecting, even in the insulation.

These are some of the most prominent areas that could indicate issues with your roof. If you see any of these, it is imperative that you contact an accredited company and have an inspection performed.

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    The Acadian reps were friendly and respectful. They made it very clear so I could understand what I needed for my roof

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    Friendly And Respectful
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    If I needed more work done they would be the first company I call. Fortunately, thanks to them I won't need any roof work for a long, long time.

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    Acadian Roofing is the real deal. Fast and efficient. We couldn't be happier.

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    How to tell if you need a full roof Replacement or Roof Repairs

  • November 18, 2016

    Common Reasons for Commercial Roof Repairs

    It’s important to quickly and professionally address commercial roof repairs to avoid incurring expensive damages to building materials, machinery, and merchandise. Qualified companies should be able to handle all your roofing emergencies and make quick repairs before damage is done.

    Here are some of the most common causes for needing commercial roof repairs:

    • Poor Drainage.
      Commercial flat roofs commonly have drainage issues in which rainwater pools or ponds in the lowest area. This pooling water can get heavy — a square foot of water weighs roughly five pounds — and can cause significant damages if it isn’t quickly repaired.
    • Bad Sealing Around Roof Penetrations.
      Pipes, HVAC, and other objects that penetrate your roof must be properly installed and sealed to prevent against water damage and other issues. Roof repairs should be done as soon as you notice any issues with the sealing around these objects.
    • Damage to Perimeter Flashing.
      Flashing should be installed around the roof’s exterior edge and at the interior’s parapet walls. But if it isn’t installed correctly or gets damaged in a storm, it can expose the roof cover and allow moisture under those roofing materials and into the building.

  • July 2, 2016

    Flat roofs are becoming popular in both residential and commercial buildings. However, due to their design, there are a few key steps you should take when making flat roof repairs:


    • Quality flashing. Because flat roofs don’t have significant sloping, it’s imperative to ensure quality flashing is used and that it’s properly installed, sealed, and maintained as water more frequently accumulates here. If your roof repairs involve fixing a leak, this is the first step your contractor will do.


    • Re-tarring not Re-roofing.  Flat roofs that have developed cracks and bumps can generally be repaired by simply adding a new layer of roofing tar rather than installing a completely new roof. We also suggest adding a layer of special reflective aluminum paint. This will help the roof absorb less heat, keep the building more comfortable and lead to less wear and tear.


    • Cut and patch fiberglass roof repairs.  Fiberglass flat roofs are becoming a top pick thanks to their greater longevity and watertight properties. They can also be molded to fit any surface, such as around roof lights and other exterior penetrations. However, if they blister, immediate roof repairs are a necessity. Your contractor will make this repair by cutting through the blister, checking for any moisture, and then cutting out and replacing the old portion with new fiberglass.

  • April 14, 2016

    Trying to figure out whether your roof needs to be wholly replaced, or just needs a bit of work? To make sure you’re spending the right amount of money—and heading off growing problems while they’re still small—look at these factors and signs to determine what needs to be done with your roof:


    1) Slopes, slants, and valleys

    These can be indicative of either situation, depending on how serious the damage is. In many cases, this sort of situation isn’t caused by anything serious at all, merely the compression of old layers of shingle beneath new ones. If the condition becomes unsightly, or the cause is more serious due to damage to the underlying structure, then you’ll need to invest in a full roof replacement.


    2) Missing sections

    Pieces coming off can be caused by one of several things: simple damage, such as from wind, falling branches, and other causes; serious damage, such as from an underlying mold problem eating away at the foundational structures of your roof; a roof reaching the end of its lifetime and naturally degrading. In the latter two situations, a full roof replacement might be necessary, whereas the first can be resolved quite easily with repairs.


    3) Mold

    If at any point you detect mold in your roof, you’ll need to act very quickly to avoid a full roof replacement. It doesn’t take long at all for a mold infestation to render your roof deck unstable and consequently in need of a full replacement. This is why it’s important to replace missing pieces and keep exposure of your roof deck to a minimum.

  • March 3, 2016

    Published by Acadian Roofing

    Trying to decide whether your roof needs a simple repair or a full replacement? Whether you’re thinking in terms of cost efficiency, aesthetics, or any other metric, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. You should consider these three points when deciding which your home or business needs for the best outcome:

    1)Cost of repair vs. replacement
    At the most basic level, one considers roof replacement versus roof repairs as a cost issue—you would replace the roof, but repairs are cheaper. But this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re looking at a much older roof. Look into secondary expenses associated with your roof to get a better sense of the financial considerations involved; repairing asphalt shingles may be dirt cheap compared to installing a new roof, but if that new roof is extremely energy efficient, you might have recouped that difference in expense within a year or two.

    2)Aesthetic considerations
    Sometimes, you can’t repair a roof within it looking funny; the shingles aren’t quite the right color, the tiles are differently weathered, the different metal panels aren’t quite the same. When you can’t manage a perfect match for your existing roof, it might be time to consider a full replacement, if that sort of thing bothers you.

    3)Structural damage
    If you’ve left your roof in poor repair for a while and damage has penetrated down to the roof deck, or some mold or algae or leak has eaten into the structure atop your house, then you don’t have much of a choice; you can replace your roof now, or replace it and whatever it damages when it decides to quit functioning as a roof on its own time.

  • November 4, 2015

    Published by Acadian Roofing

    Sooner or later you’ll likely experience issues with the roof on your home or business. It may need simple repairs, or it might require a full replacement.

    Catching a Leak Early
    It is recommended that you look for issues with your roof at least once are a year. Detecting a leak early can sometimes prevent the need for a complete replacement. If you notice dark areas or paint peeling under roof overhangs or damp spots beside the fireplace, you likely have a leak. If you notice that shingles are buckling or curling, you may have a leak issue.If high winds or a storm cause a leak, your homeowner’s insurance will most likely cover repairs. The sooner you catch a problem, the less damage there will be, and the less extensive (and expensive!) the repair.

  • November 1, 2015

    Published by Acadian Roofing

    Is your roof over 15 years old? Has your area suffered severe storms recently? Has your area experienced high winds or hail? Do you live in a zone that is exposed to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it is time to evaluate your roof for damage.
    Start with a visual inspection of your shingles and flashing. If you notice any damage or your roof is showing age, it is time to take action. Damage or age-related problems, if left unchecked, can lead to roof failure. It may be that simple repairs will extend the life of your roof or a replacement may be in order.The first step is to have a roofing contractor perform a professional inspection. The decision to repair or replace is determined by the condition and age of the roof. Your contractor will be able to guide you in choosing the proper solution.

  • September 24, 2015

    Published by Acadian Roofing

    Discovering that your roof leaks, has missing shingles, or a sagging deck can be seriously disconcerting. Home and business owners know how expensive repairs or replacement can be, especially if the damage isn’t covered by the warranty. At this point, you are faced with finding a reputable roof repair company. This is a huge concern. Roof work can be costly, and it is essential that it is done correctly.

    Finding a reliable roofer may seem like an impossible task. It doesn’t have to be. Here are some signs that a roofing contractor is the real deal.

    • They don’t come in with the lowest bid. Yes, you read that right. The lowest bidder may use sub-quality material or do poor quality work.

    • They provide a written estimate.

    • They have been in business long enough to have knowledge and experience.

    • A reputable contractor will be licensed and insured and can show proof.

    • They can provide verifiable references, and they guarantee their work.

    • They are openly communicative. They are happy to answer your questions thoroughly and are prompt about returning your calls.

    These are a few of the signs that you need to look for when you are taking bids. If the contractor that you are considering meets these criteria, you have selected well.

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