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15 years of experience means we've seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to roofing.

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We understand how insulation and ventilation impact your roof, which means we look beyond the obvious to get to the root of your roofing problems.

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Our long-lasting roofs reduce your energy usage, lowering your bills and providing you with real value.

How much does it cost to do roof repair in Katy, TX?

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The cost of roof repair depends on the size of the roof, the pitch of the roof, and the amount of damage your current roof has sustained. Some houses require a quick shingle replace and repair. Others will require us to tear off the entire roof and put on a new one. We are happy to provide you with a quote, as well as the pros and cons of repairing the roof now vs. waiting for the damage to get worse.

What is your process for repairing a leaky roof?

Locating the leak is our very first step. Once we do that, the actual repair process is very simple, so long as there is no structural value and the roof or deck do not need to be replaced. Often, we can get the job done with a little tar, a little flashing, and a few roofing nails. Bottom line...don't be afraid to call us if you've got a leak. If we catch the problem early the repair might be relatively inexpensive.

Do you offer roof repair guarantees?

When we're talking about guarantees we're actually talking about several different kinds of protection.

First, our manufacturers offer warranties that cover the materials themselves. That's your guarantee that we're using high-quality materials. This will typically cover you for 20 to 50 years, depending upon the type of roof you get.

Next, there are workmanship warranties. They are offered by the contractors that install the work. They guarantee that we're doing a good job with the materials we have.

Sometimes these warranties overlap, but that's not always the case.


  • Acadian Roofing
    Honest guys, honest work.
    I expected to pay way more than I did.
    Written by: Dorian P.
    Date Published: 10/25/2016

    I honestly expected to hear I needed a $10,000 roofing replacement. Instead, these guys found the source of the leak and quoted me a $1000 roof repair. I was impressed...they could have taken me for a ride, but chose to take the moral high ground.

  • Acadian Roofing
    A great experience
    I will definitely call them again
    Written by: Josh W.
    Date Published: 10/25/2016

    It's never a good day when you gotta call a contractor, but if you gotta call some one these are the guys to call. They know what they're doing, they don't mess around, and they get the job done without whining or offering a bunch of unpleasant surprises.

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    What is involved with locating a leak?

  • November 03, 2016

    We use infrared scanners like this one because it can be difficult to locate the exact location of a leak. While the water spot on your ceiling may be relatively obvious it may not actually be in the same location as the leak on the roof. Water can run down rafters or trusses, only to show up inside the house some distance away from the actual source of the problem. This is one reason why a homeowner’s attempt at DIY roof repair is rarely successful.

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