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When Roof Replacement is the Only Option

Published by Acadian Roofing On September 24, 2015

Unfortunately, most of us learn about our roof problems the hard way. Usually during a rainstorm that leaves us hurriedly finding buckets to contain leaks, or worse, when we put our house on the market and the roof fails inspection. It is recommended that you perform a visual inspection of your roof twice a year to determine if you have any obvious problems.

Some problems can be fixed with repairs, and while that might fix the issue temporarily, if there is significant damage, your home will likely require a roof replacement. The upside is that a new roof will provide solid, long-term value to your home. If you notice any issues, then you should contact a professional roofing company for a free inspection and estimate. It is better to be prepared than surprised. The following are some reasons why a new roof may be the best course of action.

Severe Storm Damage

Storms that bring high wind and hail can leave a roof in bad shape. Strong winds can strip shingles and expose decking, and can knock trees over against the eaves. Hail is another principal cause of severe roof damage. Homeowners insurance often covers storm-related damage. A reputable roofer can help you with the insurance requirements and claims if you wish.

Intense Climate Conditions

Climate conditions have a significant impact on your roof. There is simply no escaping climate extremes. Hot, dry weather brings different problems than wet weather, and ice and snow present their own kind of damage. All of these extremes factor into the condition of your roof over time. The gradual wear and tear caused from moisture and sunlight can take its toll, eventually leading to a new roof installation.

The Age of Your Roof

If your roof is 15 years old or older, it is a good idea to have an inspection performed. Roof systems are designed to last from a couple of decades to fifty years, depending on the quality of construction and the materials used. At 15 years or older, your roof could very well have problems of which you are unaware. A professional roofer will happy to provide a free inspection and estimate.

Fire Damage

Fire is perhaps the greatest threat to a home in terms of severe damage. If a roof has a partial fire or is destroyed outright, the only choice is a replacement. You might consider a replacement using tile or slate shingles. Both materials are more expensive than wood or composite shingles. However, they offer extra protection against fire, making them a good long-term investment.

The Warranty

If you have never had problems or an inspection done on your roof, you should consider doing so while it is still under warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty is typically good for twenty years. As mentioned above, around the 15-year mark is a good time to consider a replacement. The warranty can save you money, at least on some of the materials.

Brand New Installation Vs. New Roof Over Old

There are two primary new roof installation scenarios. A professional roofing business can remove and then replace the old roof, or they can put a new roof over the old one. Putting a new roof over the old one is usually less expensive but doesn’t last as long as a whole new installation. It can also hide problems with the old roof that may have gone unnoticed. Another consideration is your roof might not support the weight of a second roof. It is usually recommended to tear off the old roof and then perform a new install.

Save Money in the Long Run

A replacement can save money in the long run. If you are constantly battling issues that arise from an old roof, you can spend a lot of money over time. A new, high-quality installation will provide another 20 years or more of service. It will also be under a new warranty. Make sure the roofing firm you use guarantees materials and workmanship for a specified time. A new roof made with the latest in eco-roofing technology can act as an excellent insulator. Keeping heat out and cold air in during the summer and vice versa during the winter months can have a positive impact on your monthly energy use and the money you spend on heating and cooling your home.

Finding a Reputable Roofing Contractor

When the time comes to hire a professional contractor for the replacement, there are a few things to look for that indicate a company has experience, skill, and good business ethics.

  • The length of time in business.
  • Payment is only required after the job is finished.
  • Excellent customer service and a willingness to answer questions.
  • They provide references from satisfied customers.
  • They guarantee their work as well as provide a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • They will haul away the old roofing material.

If you find a contractor that meets these requirements, you can feel comfortable hiring them for the job.

Your roof stands between you and the outside elements. It protects your home from the sun, rainfall and other weather conditions. It is the most expensive part of your home, and it is necessary for it to function well and to be in good shape. A damaged or discolored roof can cause adverse visual appeal and even jeopardize the integrity of the rest of the structure. A leak can cause structural damage and present health hazards in the form of mold. When it comes to your roof, shortcuts are usually not viable. We all hope that a leak or shingle damage might just need minor repair, but sometimes replacement is the only option. Fortunately, it is also a sound investment in your home.

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