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5 Maintenance Tips to Minimize Roof Repairs

Published by Acadian Roofing On January 15, 2016

Keeping your home well maintained can seem like a mammoth task. We all have a seemingly never-ending list of tasks on our to-do list: mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, repairing the fence, cleaning the garage—and that’s before we even make it inside the front door. Inside is another story with a long list of... View Article


7 Misconceptions About the Roofing Business

Published by Acadian Roofing On December 15, 2015

If your roof is exhibiting symptoms which indicate that it is in need of repair, do not hesitate to call a professional. It may be tempting to try and do the work yourself, but in the long run, if you aren’t a roofer, you could end up causing more problems than there were initially. Some people have... View Article


The Top 7 Roofing Industry-Related Trends

Published by Acadian Roofing On September 26, 2015

The industry that designs and builds our roofs is always moving forward in terms of new and better materials and construction. Here are some of the latest trends. Going Green and Energy Conservation The green movement has had a definite and positive effect on the roofing industry. “Going green” has many definitions, and it means... View Article


When Roof Replacement is the Only Option

Published by Acadian Roofing On September 24, 2015

Unfortunately, most of us learn about our roof problems the hard way. Usually during a rainstorm that leaves us hurriedly finding buckets to contain leaks, or worse, when we put our house on the market and the roof fails inspection. It is recommended that you perform a visual inspection of your roof twice a year to... View Article