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10 Must Know Facts About Roof Repairs

Published by Acadian Roofing On October 14, 2016

Preparing for winter involves more than bringing out winter clothes from the back of the closet. Winter might not always involve heavy snowstorms, but the colder season changes many aspects of one’s living habits. And the first place where those changes can be seen is inside the home. 5 Mandatory Roof Repairs Missing or Damaged... View Article


Don’t Wait Too Long to Make Roof Repairs

Published by Acadian Roofing On September 15, 2016

At Acadian Roofing, we often get called out to do roof inspections in the Houston area that wind up being entire re-roofing projects because the homeowner has waited too long to fix minor problems. Sometimes it is due to the “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon, but other times homeowners freely admit they knew there... View Article


When You Need Roof Repairs, There’s No Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

Published by Acadian Roofing On July 15, 2016

Welcome to Hurricane Season 2016. As Jimmy Buffett sings, “Squalls out on the Gulf Stream, big storm comin‘ soon.” Houston residents, already weary from an almost unprecedented number of spring storms and record-setting floods, are now facing the 2016 hurricane season. And while there is no way to stop the onslaught of storms brewing out there in... View Article


10 Tips for Safe Roof Repairs

Published by Acadian Roofing On February 28, 2016

Roofing your home is a necessary task, but can also be quite dangerous, especially if the proper precautions aren’t taken. In order to get the job done correctly and safely, be sure to follow our tips for safe roof repairs. If you are ever in any doubt, it is always a good idea to seek the help and advice of a professional roofing company to avoid any accidents and to ensure the work is completed to your satisfaction


5 Maintenance Tips to Minimize Roof Repairs

Published by Acadian Roofing On January 15, 2016

Keeping your home well maintained can seem like a mammoth task. We all have a seemingly never-ending list of tasks on our to-do list: mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, repairing the fence, cleaning the garage—and that’s before we even make it inside the front door. Inside is another story with a long list of... View Article