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8 signs you need to call a roofing company

Published by Acadian Roofing On March 28, 2016

1Noticed something up with your roof, and not sure whether or not you need to call a roofing company?

The signs of damage, minor or major, can be difficult to identify if you’ve never had to deal with roof problems before—but with this list at your side, you should be able to get a much better grasp of the state of your roof and what you need to do about it:

Illustration of a roofer construction worker roofing working on house roof with nail gun nailgun nailer set inside circle done in retro style.

1) Changes in heating and cooling : One of the subtle signs of a problem in your roof can show up somewhere completely unexpected—on your power or gas bill. If you suddenly notice an unusual spike in the expense of keeping your home appropriately warm or appropriately cool, completely divorced from any change in the environment or your HVAC systems, it might be time to take a look at your roof.

Even a minor problem with your roof can have an immense impact on the overall insulation of your home. And it need not be anything obvious, like a big hole, to be causing trouble. Worse of all, once you start having this sort of problem, it’s only going to get worse.

2) Sagging : To contrast with the heating and cooling symptom, let’s talk next about a really obvious one: your roof is sagging. Whether it’s tilting to one side, forming a valley, or anything else, once your roof goes from being a flat plane to any other shape, it’s time to call someone to come take a look immediately.This sort of thing can seem relatively minor, but don’t let it sit.

A roof sagging can be caused by minor problems, such as a gap caused by multiple layers of shingles compressing, but you should never assume it’s a minor problem. If it’s not, and you leave it alone, it’s going to turn into an irreparable disaster quite quickly.

3) Water damage : Discoloration on your ceiling, the faint smell of mildew, warped wood and plaster, these are the signs that you’ve got some major leakage occurring in your roof. If there’s any sign on this list that should have you running to the phone to call a roofing specialist immediately, it’s water damage; nothing is so insidious, nothing so thoroughly threatens not just your roof but your whole home.

Even minor leaks can turn into completely ruined homes, given enough time. And given the nature of water damage and leaks, no small problem will stay small for long. Give your tiny drip a few good downpours and see what kind of monstrous issue it turns into.

4) Loose or missing sections : Shingles, tiles, or metal panels, whatever your roof is made of, you don’t want any of them gone. Exposed roof decks are comparatively very delicate, and it doesn’t take much at all for that exposed foundation of your roof to end up damaged to the point of requiring a full replacement.

There are two ways you end up with bits missing like this; one-off damaging incidents, and your roof reaching the end of its lifespan. The former’s quite easy and quick to repair, but the latter means it’s time for a new roof.

5) Gutter problems : If your gutters are constantly overloaded, if they’re pulling away from your house, if anything else seems wrong with them, it can be a gutter-specific problem, or it can be a roof problem. If you’re not sure which, you should talk to a specialist.

Left unchecked, gutter problems turn into roof problems or whole-house problems very quickly The absolute last thing you want is all that water getting deposited somewhere that can’t handle it—we’ve already discussed the terror of water damage.

6) Exposed, damaged, or missing nails : The nails of your roof may not be all that big, but they’re incredibly important. When they start to go, it’s a bad sign. They should be covered and intact because anything else puts the rest of your roof at risk. With no nails to keep everything in place, your roof’s going to start coming apart, and with each missing tile or shingle, each poorly-connected segment, the damage to your roof is only going to accelerate.

7) Evidence of mold : Mold in your home is always bad. Mold on your roof is a disaster. Mold in your roof means you need a new roof. The moment you suspect mold might be taking root on your roof, you need to get it handled, immediately.

It’s important to look at the problem from both ends; mold can work its way up to your roof from below, for example as a result of a leak making your attic moldy, or it can work its way down from above, for example due to a missing shingle exposing your roof deck.

8) Daylight in attic : If you can go into your attic, turn off the lights, and see light shining through your roof deck, you have a major problem on its way. Even if you’re somehow not already seeing water damage when it rains, you’re going to shortly. This sort of gap can’t be allowed to last.

There are a lot of ways this can happen. Warping leading to the roof deck pulling apart. Missing shingles, tiles, or panels allowing light through. Holes from missing nails or other fittings. All of them are bad and need to be handled promptly.

Final thoughts

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Roofs can do very weird things when something starts to go wrong. If you ever see something unusual happening on your roof, and can’t find or figure out an explanation for it, it’s probably time to call a roofing company—just to be sure.



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