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7 ways roofing services can save you money

Published by Acadian Roofing On May 28, 2016

7 ways roofing services can save you money

Hiring a roofing company to handle your home may seem expensive, but don’t let this misunderstanding cost you. There are many reasons to leave skilled tasks to professionals. Here are 7 ways a roofing company can save you money. Don’t forget to keep a top notch roofing company on speed dial!


1) Install a roof that will last

It’s easy for minor problems to grow into major ones over time, which means that your “good enough” DIY job could turn into a serious boondoggle as the years go by. When you work with a professional roofing company, you can save money on extra repairs and replacement. It’s more expensive initially, but saves money in the future.


2) Fix minor problems before they grow

What seems trivial to a layman can be significant to a professional. By having professional roofers do regular maintenance, issues that culminate in big bills can be noticed and alleviated earlier. A loose shingle can become a missing shingle and evolve turn into a mold infestation. It’s best to alleviate these issues as early as possible, which means putting professional eyes on your roof.


3) Build your roof for maximum energy efficiency

If you’re trying to maximize energy efficiency, having a professional will get you far closer to your ideal solution. They likely have a firm understanding of the pros and cons and are better equipped to solutions with minimum error. After all, a perfect green solution only works when applied perfectly. It only takes minor errors to find yourself making replacements far sooner than expected.


4) Replace a roof with minimal effort

Need to replace your existing roof? Hire a professional. They can have the process finished in a few days, especially with simpler projects such as placing metal over your existing roof. Comparing time utilized, tools available, and the long-term effects your roof exposed, the benefits of hiring a roofing professional quickly become clear.


5) Identify hidden issues

With the discerning eyes of a professional, potential problems can be identified much sooner. These aren’t issues that an experienced layman will notice during routine maintenance; these are matters of faulty engineering or flaws in the materials. These hidden problems might be the most dangerous to your wallet, given their propensity to become major before revealing themselves.


6) Avoid engineering issues

Engineering problems with a new roof, roof replacement, or even simple repairs or additions can add up to major, major expenditures down the road. Even when the issues which develop aren’t a big deal, such as small valleys formed by layers of shingle, you’ll still need a bunch of extra labor to alleviate them. The absolute last thing you want for your home is a roof that’s too heavy for the frame, as you might get by upgrading from shingle to tile without professional assistance. Not only will it damage the underlying home over time, it can render your entire building increasingly unstable. So if you even slightly suspect you might run afoul of engineering considerations, save your wallet and leave it to professionals.


7) Guarantees and warranties

When you work on your own roof and something goes wrong, it comes out of your pocket—even if it wasn’t your fault. When you hire a professional, you’re protected against mishaps and errors by whatever guarantees and warranties the roofing company uses. This adds a layer of insurance onto your roof work. If something does go wrong your wallet will be very, very glad you hired a professional roofing company.


Final thoughts

There are many reasons to leave roofing to a professional: it’s dangerous, you can run afoul of federal and regional regulations, or it could cost you more in the long term. Save your wallet the trouble, stay safe, and keep your home’s value remains high: hire a roofing professional.




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