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10 Must Know Facts About Roof Repairs

Published by Acadian Roofing On October 14, 2016

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Preparing for winter involves more than bringing out winter clothes from the back of the closet. Winter might not always involve heavy snowstorms, but the colder season changes many aspects of one’s living habits. And the first place where those changes can be seen is inside the home.

5 Mandatory Roof Repairs

Missing or Damaged Shingles

When shingles are missing or they start showing signs of wear and tear, repairs are mandatory to preserve the integrity of the roof. It is unwise to wait until springtime to make these repairsthe harsh winter weather can cause more harm and structural leaks. This type of repair must be performed in the fall of summertime.

When shingles are replaced, this can prevent heat from escaping through the roof of the house during the winter. When shingles are being nailed against the roofing, the temperature must be suitable. If it’s too cold, shingles might crack or break when they’re nailed, making roof repair less effective.

Roof Leaks

Another roof repair that has a noticeable benefit is leak repair. Leaks might not be easy to identify, which is why proactive roof leak detection is imperative. The spot where the water is seen to be leaking is always further down than the actual location of the cause.

When a leak has been located, the inspection should be thorough and include nail holes and shingle seals. Water will usually travel between old roof layers to the underlying wood until it can be seen from the interior of the house. Humidity will gather and potentially degrade the insulation or structural material. If this isn’t repaired in a timely manner, a complete section of the drywall will have to be removed to locate the exact source of the leak. Roof replacement might be advisable, depending on the severity of the damage.

Dark Spots on the Roof

In a typical composite roof, mold spots can occur if water has penetrated the different roof layers. However, this is unlikely in a house with metal roofing. The durability of a metal roof is evident in its ability to resist fading, cracking and mold which usually affect asphalt, composite, or wood shingles. Metal roofing can more easily withstand brutal heat and wind storms, while enhancing the elegance of the building.


Extremely strong winds can blow away entire sections of vulnerable roofs. A common cause for this type of damage is persistent exposure to strong winds. The roofing felt and sheathing can also be blown away if the winds are too severe.

If complete sections of the roof must be replaced, new roofing should be installed to extend its life and protect the proprietary’s home against future storms. In case of a major structural damage due to tree branches falling on the roof, full replacement might be advisable. But this depends on the level of damage. If a roof needs to be replaced, there are a couple of things to consider: first, it should be determined whether the whole structure must be replaced; second, all other secondary costs associated with full roof installation must be estimated before the operation.

Wind and Hail Damage

Under a severe hail or wind storm, shingles and other roof elements such as slates, skylights, gutters, and vent hoods might be damaged. This can vary with the type of roof and the angle at which a roof is hit by the storm. If a leak isn’t apparent after a storm, the damage that the roof may have suffered could still compromise its integrity. It’s important to thoroughly check the roof after the storm. The pre-finished standing seam roofs provided by Acadian Roofing offer excellent protection against these elements.

Further considerations

Anticipating the Seasons and Holidays 

Prior to the installation of Christmas lights and decorations, it is a good time to clean your roof after the leaves have dropped and clean out gutters. Acadian Roofing offers this service along with maintenance so your roof is secure and also looks great for the holidays!

Many home improvement experts will agree that the autumn or summer is the best time of the year for repairs or installations, especially when it comes to your roof.

A roof in less than optimal shape can contribute to a heat loss of 25% inside one’s home during the winter. So the smart thing to do is to hire a roofing company like Acadian Roofing to analyze whether a roof should be replaced, or to perform preventive roof repairs before this time of the year.

Routine Roof Maintenance

Your roof should be checked regularly for damage it might have suffered during periods of extreme weather. Heavy rainstorms, hail, scorching sunlight and extreme temperatures can inflict serious damage to a roof.

Preventative Roof Care

Home maintenance should be done on a preventative basis, rather than waiting until it becomes an emergency. A proactive approach towards roof damage is ideal because this will not only increase the life of the roof, but the proprietor also incurs less repair costs over the years. It’s vital to make sure one stays aware of potential roof issues and fixes them before they become major problems. Annual roof maintenance and inspections are the best way to avoid roof damage and to protect your home.

Information is Key

Looking for a trusted company for roof repairs or replacement doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Asking for references and feedback is invaluable.



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