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Tile roofs are common in warm areas like Houston. A bright red clay tile roof is synonymous to sun, cactus, Spanish, and comfort. It is the oldest form of roofing material and has been used to protect houses from the elements since the Roman times. Today, aside from the clay tiles, there are other types of tile roofing, the sand-cast, and concrete tiles.<br><br>Benefits of Using Tile Roofing<br><br><strong>1. </strong>Long lasting – Tile roofs are one of the most enduring roofing materials available. Well preserved century-old houses still come with their tile roofs intact. Tiles roofs can last an average of 50 years.<br><br><strong>2. </strong>Good looking – Nothing beats the warmth and rustic elegance of authentic tile roofs. Although colors are primarily earth tones, they compliment the natural settings and home architecture and design.<br><br><strong>3. </strong>Fireproof – Clay, concrete, and sand tiles do not catch fire.<br><br><strong>4. </strong>Resistant to deterioration –Hardened clay only gets harder as it gets exposed to more heat. It is also safe from termites, insects, and mildew infiltration.<br><br>Top quality tile roofing not only looks fantastic and lasts for years, it's also excellent protection against the elements that's very easy to maintain. Taking care of a house's roof is one of the core responsibilities of any homeowner, and a great way to ensure lower energy costs, improved comfort and a better-looking house. As a full-service roofing company Acadian Roofing provide all of the services that you might need to make sure your roof is prepared to last. Whether it's minor repairs or full-blown replacements we're the perfect choice for your shingle, rubberized roof systems, shake, flat or tile roofing needs.