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8 Signs That Indicate You May Need to Invest in Roof Repairs

Published by Acadian Roofing On October 13, 2015

Unfortunately, into everyone’s life a little rain must fall. And hail. And high wind. And tree branches. And extremes of heat and cold. All of these work together over time to attack the integrity of your roof. That is why it is essential for you to examine your roof and have it regularly inspected by professional roofers.

What starts out as a small problem can sometimes quickly turn into catastrophic issues. What could have been a minor roof fix can become a need for an entire roof replacement. We want you to avoid these problems if at all possible, so we have compiled a list of 8 things to look for when you are visually inspecting your roof.

Missing Shingles

Your roof does a fantastic job of protecting your home or office from the elements. Shingles are the first line of defense, so to speak. If they are damaged or removed by high winds, a leak is likely to follow. If shingles are missing, your roof is much more vulnerable to moisture and ultimately will leak. If there are only a few shingles missing, you can probably have them repaired. It is best for a professional roofer to make the determination. If you notice missing shingles, schedule an inspection at once. As with everything concerning your roof, putting it off will only make it worse.

Spots or Stains on the Indoor Ceiling or Walls

If you notice spots or stains on you interior walls or ceiling, water is likely coming into your house through the roof. This is a clear-cut indication that there is a something going on that is causing a leak. If you catch the problem early enough, repairs may be all you need. The difficulty here is that the leak may be present quite a while before it shows up in your home. If the leak is extensive, it could mean that you need a replacement roof. A reliable roofing contractor can make this determination and present you with options.

Dark Spots or Stains on the Roof

Stains on your roof are a signal that the integrity of your shingles may have been compromised. It could be mold, or it could be vegetative growth causing the stain. Whatever the cause, it needs to be examined and resolved.

Curling or Buckling Shingles

Sunlight is always a problem for our roofs. It is relentless, especially in warmer climes. Prolonged exposure (years) to sunlight can be the cause of shingles buckling and curling. Fortunately, repairs for this problem are relatively straightforward, and you may not need a new roof.

The Decking Sags

Areas where the decking appears to sag need to be addressed. Heavy snow and ice can cause the roof to sag. Too much load for the structural bearing is another cause. This is a situation that could turn severe without repairs. The framing and supports can be bolstered but if the roofing material is damaged, then repairs are in order.

Leaks in the Attic

A good place to check for leaks is in your attic. This is the first place that water typically shows up. You should include an attic inspection at the same time that you inspect your roof. If water is seeping into the insulation or wall boards, it will eventually move into your home’s interior. Another problematic aspect of water seepage in the attic is that it can cause mold to grow, which can present a hazard to you and your family’s health.

Temperature Extremes

Sunlight and extreme ranges of hot and cold will have an impact on the life of your roof. Over time, the shingles, decking, and underlayment can be weakened by these elements and shorten your roof’s life. Extreme temps can also cause your roof to insulate poorly, increasing heating and cooling costs. Damage like this may not be apparent in a visual inspection. Older roofs are more at risk because of the age factor and the quality of materials used in construction. This is why it is necessary for a professional roofing contractor to carry out a periodic inspection of your roof, especially older roofs.

The Age of Your Roof

The age of your roof is also a factor. There is a direct link between the age and the condition of your roof. Roofs are estimated to give about 20 years of solid service. If your roof is approaching the 15-year mark, there may be existing issues that are not obvious. If you have never had an inspection, it is past time.

Not all problems with a roof require re-roofing. If your roof exhibits any of the above signs, then it is time to bring in a roofer to investigate. Call a reputable contractor for a free estimate. Better yet, call several so you can get a good idea of actual costs.

Repairs to a damaged roof are critical in protecting your home. A credentialed roofing contractor can find the cause of leaks and any damage with pinpoint accuracy and will determine the type of repairs needed. Remember, the lowest bid isn’t always the best one to accept. Higher bids are typically more accurate about actual repair costs. The most important thing is not to delay seeking the help of a professional roofer.

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